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A Day in the life of a #DigitalNomad Reizer!

Updated: Feb 1

Philippines - September 19, 2022 – Reiz Tech allows us to be much elastic on our agendas and timetables. That's why you can see our social media featuring our employees doing wakeboarding on a beautiful morning, go-karting on a Thursday late afternoon or flying to meet colleagues in one spot and had a meeting near the airport... But let's face it, not being in a standard office does not mean that the work is done by itself.

Although, we do not have the customary office hours, most of our clients do. This means that our Teams calls, coffee sessions and outlook exchanges are still done frequently at "standard" times. And if we are in an entirely different time zone, it likewise means occasionally having to stay up very late at midnight for a meeting. But we tend to make sure, we managed our time responsibly. In short, this way of life is something we love at 5000% and we wouldn't go back for anything in the world.

Reizers are digital nomads. This means, we can work from anywhere in the world. I’ve cultured a lot about nomadic living after years of working distantly as a nomad - you’re able to see astonishing abodes, learn from different cultures, and work where you want to — a true independence.

We are living in the future today – the way of working

Over the past few years since the onslaught of the pandemic, the world as we know it has changed. The typical practices which defined our daily lives, turned out to be more pliable than we ever thought they might be. There is a new-found viewpoint towards work, output, and time management, with a mounting consciousness that desk-based workforces can grind from home and therefore, anyplace.

Many corporate strivers are sharing analogous stories. Many have been on the road wanderlusting and working, and some have perpetually moved bases to far-flung places, something they could never have daydreamt of before, owing to their urban jobs. We are defining the way of working and the future is now!

Choose Reiz Tech and you can work anywhere!

We Are Global virtually! We work with individuals around the world to make a change. We Learn, We Adjust and We Thrive! We care profoundly about what we do and the effect we have on our clients and people. With more than 300+ professionals, REIZ TECH has global employees that have qualified skills and expertise, and extensive technological experience which is on their way to unlocking the door to success. Reiz is a great place to work and we are taking it to the loudspeaker! Our positive Company culture can always yield exceptional service because our leaders prioritize culture, employee experience and share it with our clients and customers! Our CEO Valdas is always interested in ensuring that each of us succeeds and that the team (Reiz) achieves the set goals!

Now, let me ask you.. If we are working in the future today, what does that mean for you?

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