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Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in the World of IT.

Updated: Mar 14

At Reiz Tech, we are proud to recognize the amazing women who work in our organization and across the IT world. International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and technological achievements of women. This year's theme is "Choose to Challenge," where we encouraged our women Reizers to challenge gender bias and inequality to create a more inclusive world. It's an opportunity to reflect on progress made, call for change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the IT world. Each was interviewed and chosen a woman they want to challenge for a roundtable.

We started the interview with Monika Kvietkienė, our Key Account Manager, who shared a message for women who are pursuing careers in technology or considering entering the field. "Prior to joining the IT sector, I did not fully realize the vast opportunities for self-realization available. At Reiz, I have discovered how to merge my hobbies, passions, and interests with information technology. One key benefit is staying informed of ongoing developments, discoveries, and information both within and beyond the IT industry. Ultimately, everything is connected to IT in some way. To live with an open mind and experience the world's full potential, I highly recommend joining the IT sector," She retorted.

She challenged Jolita Jezukevičiūtė, our Scrum Master Lead, to riposte how they balance their professional and personal life, especially when it comes to working in a male-dominated industry. She mentioned, “Working in a male-dominated industry where the men’s club is still somehow a thing, I've always looked at it as an opportunity. You just need to be more creative and invest in yourself. Of course, speaking up is not always easy in a room full of male developers or IT managers, but your conviction is very important here. Personally, I believe that it’s not my business what others are thinking about me. This attitude really helps me to build my confidence and maintain a very healthy ‘work-life balance.’”

She chose Janita Tan, our Business Analyst, to provide some of the biggest challenges she has faced in her career as a woman in IT, and how has she overcome them. She uttered, “Reiz Tech values gender equality and has a predominantly female management team. As a woman, I feel that I have equal opportunities as my male counterparts in the company. However, I acknowledge that sometimes being emotional can pose a challenge for me. While women are biologically predisposed to be more emotional than men, I have come to understand that being emotional can also increase empathy and improve relationships. I am learning to control my emotions in a positive way, such as providing constructive feedback while being mindful of the other person's feelings.”

She challenged Tamta Lachashvili, her fellow Business Analyst, to shed some light on her inspiration for pursuing a career in the IT industry. She said, “Let me start by giving a bit of background. I was an active member of the Robotics club at university, and although I was studying business, I got into coding after writing my first code for a solar power robot. While I got good at coding, it was more of a hobby than a passion. After graduating, I applied for jobs in various industries, mainly for business and management positions. I landed a job in a business application department and started my master’s studies in Math and Physics. It wasn’t until I started working on diverse software projects that I found my inspiration. I enjoyed solving problems, applying business logic, and working with smart people to improve the world around me.”

She chose Agnė Jaraminaitė, our Business Branding Manager, to provide advice to young women who are interested in pursuing a career in technology. She mentioned, “Believe in yourself and your abilities. Focus on your strengths, keep learning and growing, and seek out mentors and role models who can support and guide you along the way. Embrace new challenges and take risks because, with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Remember that diversity and inclusivity are crucial for innovation, and your unique perspective and contributions will make a difference in shaping the future of technology.”

She challenged Bernadeta Nikrevičė, our Scrum Master, to answer how she sees the future of women in technology evolving, and what role she sees herself playing in that future. She uttered, “I believe the future of women in technology is bright, with increasing efforts to close the gender gap and encourage more women to pursue careers in this field. I think we can help to achieve this by supporting women in technology roles.”

Lastly, she chose Gintautė ‘Gia’ Vitkutė, our Business Analyst, to provide a response by wrapping up our "Choose to Challenge," and breaking barriers to empower women. She thought about the biggest challenges as a woman in IT and how she was able to overcome them, so she responded, “I haven't faced gender-specific challenges in my career, but my biggest challenge was finding learning opportunities and mentorship. I overcame it through research and networking.”

We agree with Gia; it is important for women in IT to be proactive in seeking out learning opportunities and mentorship. By doing so, they can enhance their skills and knowledge, and build a network of contacts that can help them navigate their careers in IT.

This International Women's Day, we are celebrating the achievements of women in Reiz Tech and we're committed to continuing our efforts to promote gender equality and support women in tech. Let's all choose to challenge gender bias and inequality and create a more inclusive world.

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