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How We Set Up Reiz Studio and What You Can Expect From It

Updated: Feb 1

The world is a big place, and the only way for you to make the most out of the potential value of your company's ventures is by building upon MVP ideas that can move quickly and flexibly.

Consolidation & Growth: The Studio Model

A studio model is a single entity that builds, owns, and runs the ventures it creates. This structure is often used by studios that want to maintain a simple structure and/or have a long-term view on how they will capture the value of their ventures.

In this case, the single studio model is complemented with a syndicate of associated investors who work closely with the studio to fund the newly built ventures on a case-by-case basis, having the ability to participate in both the initial funding round and in any future round.

This structure allows the studio to maintain a simple structure while being able to access the capital needed to be able to capture the long-term value their ventures generate. On the flip side, the studio and its companies need to be ready to deal with the syndicate, which can be a truly difficult process.

The Partnership That Will Redefine What is Possible

The partnership between you and Reiz Studio is an exciting one. Both sides are focused on developing cutting-edge technology and are ready to work together to make sure it happens.

Here's what you can expect from this partnership:

- The right to develop never-ending concepts. Reiz Studio will be able to work with you or your team to create new ideas, products, and services that are innovative and high in quality. We will ideate together, test those ideas, and deploy them when they're ready for the market.

- Adaptive ownership. This means that both companies understand that their goals may change over time—and that's okay! If either company wants to adapt its goals or operations in order to meet these changing needs, it can do so without having any concerns about losing equity or control.

Reiz Studio will be keeping an eye out for any opportunities that might be right up your alley—so if you've got an idea for something new, let us know. We'd love to hear what you have in mind!

Benefits: A New Point Of View

Capacity to attract and assemble talented individuals to build and scale ventures and the team that can execute a repeatable, scalable framework for testing, validating, building, and growing. The core team is not just about building a product or service solution, but about creating innovation that can deliver it consistently over time — one that can scale effectively as it grows. An effective team will have ownership over all aspects of their work and show accountability for results.

New technologies can greatly elevate the capabilities, but navigating these new waters takes time and experience. Reiz Studio makes sure you have both by providing the resources and mentorship you need to succeed as you build your products, services or even companies.

Reiz Studio is a new way for you to access capital. The studio is not quite an incubator, but it isn’t quite an accelerator either – it is somewhere in the middle. In a venture studio, a company invests in an entrepreneur's idea and gets a share of any profits from that idea. The entrepreneur gets seed money, and the corporation gets a chance to invest in a startup that could become incredibly profitable if the idea succeeds. Unlike traditional accelerators, Reiz studios have access to seed and growth capital.

The studio gives access to wider and deeper networks. This in and of itself could be very powerful. Tapping into networks can ease the process of finding top talents to invest in. As these networks facilitate knowledge sharing, being a part of a venture studio network, and by being part of a community that shares its resources, it will help reduce the odds of it sinking into any major pitfalls.

We believe that a new kind of venture studio is possible. We believe that your need for liquidity should not affect your ability to raise funds. We believe that you deserve more than just a regular venture studio — you deserve a partner who will help you realize your innovative vision and grow your company without dilution.

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