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Security begins with your mind - be protected from the dangers of cyberspace

Updated: Feb 1

In Celebration with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we want you to be protected from the dangers of cyberspace.

In an era of rampant cybercrime, a little vigilance goes a long way. At Reiz Tech, we value securityand privacy. As we help drive digital transformation, guaranteeing this is done securely and in compliance with protocols is a serious area of emphasis for us.

What is cyber security awareness?

Cyber security awareness involves both the familiarity of finest cyber security practices and, in turn, operating efficient protective stratagems. You should be vigilant of your daily online activities, certifying you’re watchful of usual dangers and the best ways of avoiding them. This also includes having a sound understanding of the digital attacks can have on one’s private info, company reputation, and client knowledge.

In every business, it pays to foster a culture of cyber security awareness – one where every employee does their part to stay well-run on the up-to-date cybercrime methods and approaches of protection. This can often be attained through proficient training and regular testing of employee familiarity; as well as nurturing a cybersecurity-first mentality, irrespective of one’s role.

Guard your data by building a firmer security culture today through these practices to stay Cyber-Safe. As we sprout more trusting on technology, we must farm better online security resistances.

Don’t click it right way; think and study it first

Take that double check to avoid rambling into a digitally treacherous place. Don't answer to the email because the sender's identity might have been compromised. Even if an email looks like it's from somebody you know, take care with attachments.

Verification and validation

Whenever you are entreated to stipulate private information (yours or someone else's), validate the identity of the asker — even if it seems to be somebody you know. Scammers are shrewd in how they collect information to steal data and identities. Even if you think you're secure, frequently check your financial statements.

Protect your passwords.

Never divulge your passwords to anyone. Make them long, strong, matchless and use multi-factor authentication wherever possible. Suggestion? Make it at least 12-16 characters in Upper and Lower case, special characters and numeric.

Keep one-eye open!

Keep an open eye on your possessions when you're in open places. Bolt things up or take them with you before you leave, even if you’ll only be away for a second. When you're at work, secure your area and lock your computer screen before leaving your table. Take your mobile and other portable items with you.

Be up to date

At home, systematize software updates and intermittently restart your devices to guarantee that updates are entirely installed.

Back it up!

Store backups in a substantially separate setting from the originals and occasionally check them. For important work files, use storage preferences that are permitted by your company. For personal files, save a backup on a separate drive to strongly store it.

If it's suspicious, report it!

Learn how to recognize suspected scams and other suspicious activities. At work, suspicious emails should be forwarded and reported to IT cybersecurity team.

Reiz Tech will continue to improve the work entrusted by clients with a systematic and business approach and will contribute to the success of business goals with outstanding expertise.

As our mutual practice, we want to be your beacon of trusted advice and we want you to be protected and ensure that security begins with your mind.

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