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SKILLIT: Revolutionizing Talent Development and Career Growth

As a business owner, you know that managing talent development and career growth is crucial to the success of your organization. With the multitude of tools and solutions available, how do you determine which one is the right choice? Enter Skillit – a powerful and flexible software solution designed to streamline the talent development process and help you unlock the full potential of your workforce.

"Skillit's motto is Your Gateway to Headway - with Skillit, talents can open the gateway to their successful career path. Skillit's philosophy emphasizes continuous learning. Learning is a continuous process that is ingrained in our organization's culture. It promotes a mindset of curiosity, adaptability, and continuous improvement," says Product Owner Monika Česnauskaitė. "It encourages employees to engage in ongoing learning and development opportunities by organizing academies, communities of practice, knowledge-sharing sessions within the project teams, and functional circles within the organization. Reiz Tech recognizes that employees who are constantly learning and evolving are more likely to contribute to the organization's success."


It is essential for companies to invest in the development of their employees in order to achieve success. When employees are given opportunities to grow personally and professionally, they become more engaged, motivated, and productive. Monika Česnauskaitė shares how it all fits together: "I personally believe that employee development is the core to companies' success. I can boldly say that without personal and professional growth, there would be no business."

How, then, is it all interconnected?

  • Skillit methodology creates a clear career and development path for the employees.

  • It leads to enhanced skills and capabilities.

  • Improving employee performance and productivity.

  • A culture of continuous learning and development can foster innovation and creativity among employees - when employees are encouraged to explore new ideas, experiment, and learn from failures, they are more likely to come up with innovative solutions to problems, which can give the business a competitive edge.

  • Skillit opens a gateway to Employee engagement and motivation - Reiz Tech invests in employee development and this way shows their employees that they are valued.

  • Talent retention - organizations that prioritize employee development with Skillit are more likely to attract and retain top talent.

  • Succession planning - Skillit helps organizations identify potential leaders for future roles. Organizations can ensure a pipeline of capable leaders to drive the business forward in the long term.


By using Skillit, businesses can build a culture of continuous improvement, where employees are encouraged to learn and develop new skills. This not only helps employees grow within the organization but also helps businesses stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

Key Account Manager Karolina Petraitienė notes that "Skillit is not just a tool for assessing people and knowing their seniority. It actually helps us to understand what we need to learn in order to grow and become better in our area of expertise and other skills. It encourages us to learn and become a better version of ourselves"

"Skillit helps businesses understand the capabilities they need to support their clients. You can easily add any new skills needed for your organization or customers, which allows you to adapt quickly to new demands," says Karolina.


Let's take a closer look at how Skillit works in action. The platform is designed to simplify the process of employee development, making it accessible and easy to use for both employers and employees.

For employees, Skillit offers a self-directed and transparent experience. Monika Česnauskaitė notes that "The platform helps employees identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, and provides a clear career development path for them to follow. By offering a clear career development path, Skillit makes it easier for employees to explore different learning opportunities, set goals, track progress, and take ownership of their career development.“

On the other hand, Skillit provides employers with a holistic view of their employees' skills, interests, and career aspirations. „This allows employers to better understand their workforce and identify potential skills gaps or areas for improvement. It enables employers to create and manage development plans for their employees, set performance goals, and track progress,” explains Monika. “This helps employers align employee development with organizational goals, maintain seniority balance in the organization, and promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement.”


Invest in your employees' growth and development with Skillit. Monika Česnauskaitė, Skillit Product Owner, notes that "Skillit supports having transparent, constructive, and centralized communication around the skillset required for each technology. This leads to increased clarity, reduced miscommunication, and better alignment among functional teams and leaders," explains Monika. She also notes that "Clear career goal setting and tracking of individual development plans allows team members to set and track their individual and team goals. Skillit fosters accountability, networking, and collaboration opportunities, such as online communities, forums, and knowledge-sharing events where teams can connect with peers and mentors. Skillit encourages knowledge sharing, learning from others, and expanding professional networks, which can lead to new collaborations, career growth, and ultimately improved overall success."

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your talent development and career growth - try Skillit today!

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