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Streamlining Financial Monitoring for Lithuanian Households: A Success Story

The financial landscape is gaining more traction every day. The importance of efficient data collection and analysis for informed decision-making cannot be downplayed.

User-friendly system for financial monitoring
User-friendly system for financial monitoring

This case study delves into a collaboration between us and a client based in Lithuania, shedding light on how our expertise and technology streamlined their household financial monitoring information system. Collecting data from multiple sources, including government agencies, enabled the client to make data-driven decisions and forecasts.

Project Overview

The client needed a robust internal system to monitor household finances comprehensively. This system aimed to collect data from various government entities such as the Center of Registers, State Tax Inspectorate, State Social Insurance Fund Board, and Loan Risk Database.

The data collected ranged from individual income and loan information to family size and financial stability. The client required a user-friendly system that would facilitate quick decisions based on real-time data.


  • Create a centralized system for collecting data from multiple government sources.

  • Enable the client to monitor individual and household financial stability.

  • Improve the client's ability to make accurate forecasts and informed decisions.


The project faced several challenges: slow bureaucratic processes, access limitations, and budget approval delays. Granting access to government databases could take up to a month, impacting project timelines.

The waterfall project management process also hindered flexibility, causing programmers to wait for activity, leading to project delays. Also, the production environment was accessible only to the client's IT team due to stringent data protection measures.


Reiz Tech's expert team worked closely with the client to address these challenges. We implemented the following solutions:

  1. Streamlined Access: We collaborated with the client to expedite the access approval process with government agencies, reducing access time from a month to a matter of days.

  2. Agile Methodology: A transition from a waterfall to an agile project management approach allowed for quicker decision-making and more efficient resource allocation.

  3. Secure Data Handling: We ensured strict adherence to data protection regulations, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the project.


The collaborative efforts yielded great results:

  1. Faster Access: Access to government databases was reduced to a few days, enhancing data collection efficiency.

  2. Increased Project Efficiency: The adoption of agile methodologies improved project management, minimizing delays and boosting efficiency.

  3. Secure Data Handling: Robust data protection measures ensured compliance and instilled confidence in the system's security.

  4. Data-Driven Decisions: The client now has a robust internal system for monitoring household finances, enabling them to swiftly make informed forecasts and decisions.

Lessons Learned

Based on this collaboration, here are some key takeaways:

  • Agile project management can significantly reduce delays and improve efficiency.

  • Streamlining access to necessary data sources is paramount for data-centric projects.

  • Strict adherence to data protection regulations is essential to maintain trust and security.

Are you facing challenges in streamlining data collection and analysis for your organization? We’re here to help you overcome obstacles and achieve efficiency. Contact us today to explore how our expertise can benefit your projects and streamline your user experience.

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