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Streamlining User Experience for a Norwegian Shipping Company

In the dynamic world of the shipping industry, where transporting cargo efficiently is paramount, our collaboration with a prominent client has yielded significant results.

a cargo ship on the sea
a cargo ship on the sea

This case study delves into how Reiz Tech partnered with a top leading client in the shipping industry to develop a user-centric self-service portal, streamline the user experience, and overcome unique challenges in this ever-evolving domain.

Project Overview

The client's primary focus was to enhance the user experience by providing customers with real-time access to shipment information through a self-service portal. We took on the challenge of creating the portal from scratch, ensuring that users could effortlessly track shipments, access sailing schedules, and view planned ships. The first release, though time-intensive, laid the foundation for subsequent bi-monthly releases that now optimize the platform continually.


Initially, the collaboration faced hurdles in assembling the right team, with fluctuations in personnel on the client's side. Convincing the client to adopt a comprehensive QA process and UX/UI integration posed an additional challenge. Moreover, the client's reluctance to plan for future architectural solutions hindered the team's progress. Integrating the self-service portal with legacy systems was also demanding.


We tackled these challenges by providing an expert team, including a Scrum Master, architect, and front-end and back-end developers, ensuring the core team remained intact throughout development. The team involved the client in decision-making to overcome architectural hurdles while fostering a forward-looking approach.

Integrating QA and UX/UI ensured a top-notch user experience for the self-service portal. Legacy system integrations were addressed through meticulous planning and innovative technical expertise.


The implementation of the self-service portal brought the following key outcomes for the client:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Customers now have an intuitive and efficient platform to track their shipments, access sailing schedules, and plan future shipments.

  2. Improved Transparency: The self-service portal provided real-time updates, giving users full visibility into the status of their shipments, reducing the need for manual communication.

  3. Efficient Booking Module: With the addition of the booking module, customers could now place shipment orders for the future, streamlining their logistics planning.

  4. Streamlined Operations: The portal's success enabled the client to expand the team and increase efficiency in managing shipping operations.

  5. Future-Proofed Solution: Our expertise in adopting modern technologies and scalable solutions has future-proofed the self-service portal.

Added Value

  • Seamless user onboarding and login process.

  • User-friendly interface and clear navigation.

  • Personalized recommendations for frequent users.

  • Intuitive search functionality for shipments and sailing schedules.

  • Responsive design for accessibility across various devices.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.


The collaboration between us and the client exemplifies the power of effective teamwork and expertise in streamlining user experiences in the shipping industry. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering a forward-looking approach, we successfully provided substantial value to the client's self-service portal.

Contact us today, and let us set the stage for your business to redefine excellence in the digital landscape.

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