Take It To The Next Level in QA Academy 3.0!

Helping you land your best job is the first step. Where most academies end, we’re just getting started, again!

Reiz Tech and Reiz University announces its ‘QA Academy 3.0’, which continuously aims to equip young QA professionals with job-relevant skills and expertise that could serve as their beacon for a fruitful QA career in the future. Launched in partnership with the Marketing Team, this academy is a free, vastly interactive online training program suitable for entry-level specialists. It helps attendees to build the skills, expertise, and confidence they need to make clever career choices and flourish in employment.

Some might be asking, “Are there more efficient solutions that will increase productivity?”, “What is expected from a QA Expert?”, “I have a little knowledge in Testing, can QA Academy 3.0 enhance that?” QA Academy 3.0 connects you to Reiz experts in software quality and testing to answer these questions and more. One of our Reiz University facilitators, Vilius Linkūnaitis said that he's happy to answer those questions and proud of his work in REIZ TECH “because one of our cultures is the Acceptance of others' opinions in the scope of asking probing questions, asking stupid questions, and trying till you are confident and know the exact answer.” He advises his colleagues and even our future attendees to always believe in your path. “Never give up. Be confident. And most importantly set goals. Short time goals, long time goals. Participate - Be active. Ask question. Ask stupid questions. Look for inconsistencies and errors. Question his thoughts. Be persistent, but polite and friendly.” We are all excited for our attendees and especially, Vilius - who were able to man the ship to unlock the future during its first session of four.

About Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Specialist - is sort of an in-between role. A tester is responsible for the quality of the product, (s)he analyses requirements and tests the system if developers implemented everything and that everything works as expected. A good tester also codes, (s)he creates automated tests to make her/his job easier and smoother, so expect to learn about code as well.

What’s Up Ahead?

Reiz wants its people and our global future talents to acquire new skills and be aware of the new ways of working. Reiz reimagines the nature of work, expediting our sources to form innovative methods with value through upskilling and new learnings. Reiz University supports an adaptive practice by using courses, lectures, and programs to reinvent the employee experience and redesign Reiz’s ways of working to be more agile. Reiz University consists of Academies that help attendees to shape the proficiency and familiarity they need to make ingenious career choices and blossom in employment.

With Reiz University and QA Academy 3.0, you are on your way to having a glimpse of the future! Technology, Talent, and Transformation are the links we need for the future of innovation. Reiz invests in its people to unlock the future and to continuously achieve the Global Success Story.

QA Academy 3.0 Overview

In this 4-day class, QA Academy 3.0’s range of Quality Assurance curriculum will provide you with the proficiencies and expertise compulsory for a successful QA professional:

Tuesday, November 8th, 18:00-19:30 LTU time

Intro to Testing; Manual Testing; Homework Assignment

Tuesday, November 15th, 18:00-19:30 LTU time

Sprint Tasks; Qualification; Test Case and Test Execution

Tuesday, November 22nd, 18:00-19:30 LTU time

Testing Methodology; Static/Dynamic Testing; Test Techniques

Tuesday, November 29th, 18:00-19:30 LTU time

Q&A Session; What's Next?; Homework Presentation

Reiz University uses methods that have been tactically merged to nurture an optimum learning ecosystem such as teaching methodologies, including group assignments, Academy lectures, exercises, and case studies, all meant at refining your skills.

About Reiz Tech

Reiz Tech is a project-based company that develops and implements effective IT system solutions. In a five-year time, scale, our goal is to become one of the biggest independent IT system integrators in the Baltic States and expand our activities around the world. We believe that effective teamwork, combined with the individual potential of each of our employees is our key to success.

Reiz Tech invests in new and existing employees: internal academies, courses, camps, mentoring programs, certification, etc. We are open to young professionals and retraining people. We provide opportunities to start your career after an internship to stay in the Junior position. Also, we encourage independence and initiative both in proposing and implementing our ideas (Learning Lunch, events, initiatives), so be proactive and contribute to fostering the inner culture!

Ready To Take It To The Next Level in QA Academy 3.0?