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Transforming the Banking Landscape: Empowering Compliance and Innovation in Lithuania

In the dynamic and highly regulated banking world, one company stands at the forefront of driving innovation and compliance in Lithuania's financial sector.

This case study explores the successful collaboration between Reiz Tech and its esteemed client in developing a cutting-edge payment system that not only satisfies European regulatory requirements but also empowers financial market participants and end users with enhanced features and seamless payment experiences.

Project Overview

Reiz Tech embarked on a transformative journey to develop and enhance its client's payment system a robust platform connecting financial market participants and offering various payment options to end users, including credit, debit, and instant payments. The objective was to introduce new user-centric features for the client and financial market participants while ensuring compliance with the evolving European regulations.

The project, which initially spanned a year, has been extended, reflecting the client's confidence in Reiz Tech's expertise and dedication. Amidst the ongoing engagement, the project has witnessed significant changes, such as the introduction of new servers, frameworks, and Azure DevOps, further bolstering the system's capabilities and scalability.


The project encountered several challenges, primarily stemming from an unclear division of responsibilities and a weak Scrum framework. Working within the banking environment presented unique complexities, with installations and pre-production processes handled by the bank's personnel, while development responsibilities fell upon Reiz Tech's team. This division of tasks often led to coordination issues and bottlenecks.

Adherence to European regulations, which undergo annual revisions, demanded meticulous attention and proactive compliance measures. Navigating these changes while ensuring the platform's seamless integration with the European Central Bank's payment systems posed an ongoing challenge for the team.


Reiz Tech employed a multifaceted approach to address the project's challenges, combining expertise in ASP.NET applications, Oracle databases, jQuery, Angular, and Agile methodologies. The team introduced crucial improvements, including migrating from ASP.NET framework 4.5 to 4.7, to ensure compatibility with the latest technologies and frameworks.

Reiz Tech implemented pull request workflows to enhance collaboration and streamline development processes, enabling efficient error detection and resolution. Automated installation procedures further expedited deployment, allowing quicker iterations and reduced time-to-market. Leveraging the power of Jira, Outlook, Teams, and virtual machines, the team fostered seamless communication, knowledge sharing, and secure documentation within the banking environment.


Reiz Tech's unwavering commitment to excellence and Agile project management techniques yielded remarkable results for its client. The collaboration resulted in a payment system that met the stringent European regulatory standards and empowered end users with new features, delivering an enhanced payment experience.

The platform expanded its reach and interoperability by integrating with the European Central Bank's payment systems, such as Target Instant Payment System and EBA Clearing, enabling seamless financial transactions at a national and European level.

Added Value

Reiz Tech's extensive involvement in the project added significant value to the client and the banking industry in Lithuania. By developing compliance features that align with European regulations, the platform bolstered the client's reputation as a trusted financial institution, instilling confidence among stakeholders and customers.

Moreover, Reiz Tech's emphasis on user-centric features and continuous innovation enabled financial market participants to access cutting-edge payment capabilities, enhancing their competitive edge in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.


As the banking industry evolves and regulatory requirements become increasingly complex, financial institutions must collaborate with experienced and adaptable technology partners. Reiz Tech's success story exemplifies its ability to navigate the intricacies of banking environments, deliver compliant solutions, and drive innovation that empowers clients and end users.

To embark on your transformative journey and revolutionize your payment systems, contact Reiz Tech today. Let us help you navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape while enhancing your customers' payment experiences and ensuring your institution remains at the forefront of the banking industry.

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