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Return policy


  1. You can return the item or exchange it to an item of a different size or model.

  2. If You wish to return or exchange a purchased item, You are free to do this within 14 days from the date of receipt of the item.

  3. The refund amount is deposited into the bank account specified by the customer within 14 days.

  4. If You paid for the items by transfer, the amount will be refunded into the bank account specified in the return form.

  5. If You paid for the items by a payment card, the amount will be refunded via the selected system into the same bank account.

  6. The returned item shall be unworn, undamaged, and have its original marketable appearance.

  7. The returned items shall be placed into an additional protective packaging (intended for transportation) (ex.: a box or protective envelope).

  8. You can return the items free of charge by filling in the return form. The form will be found here:

  9. You will get a return code. With this code you can return the parcel with self-service parcel terminal (Omniva).

  10. You can also return or exchange the items in our Reiz office, address Lvivo str. 105A, Vilnius. Please contact us in advance:

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