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Who We Are

Reiz Tech is more than just an IT company. We are a trusted end-to-end IT advisor throughout your business lifecycle. Our company thrives by understanding your unique business needs, empowering custom software solutions & maintenance.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to emerge as one of the foremost independent end-to-end IT consulting solution integrators globally, expanding our reach to create lasting impact on a global scale.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster technological and digital excellence for our clients by practicing sustainable management and leveraging the power of technology.

Our unwavering commitment to data-driven decision-making allows us to glean insights from various perspectives and innovate our products and end-to-end IT solutions continually.

Data-Driven Culture

​Data-Driven Culture_Reiz Tech
​A Flat Organizational Structure_Reiz Tech

Our flat structure fosters swift internal communication, adaptability, and empowers our talented professionals with ownership and autonomy in their work.

A Flat Organizational Structure

Inclusive collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. We celebrate achievements, lend a supportive ear during challenges, provide constructive feedback, and welcome input from all.


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Equity, sustainability, and representation are our guiding principles. We cherish diverse experiences and take collective responsibility for our teams and outcomes.


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Our daily devotion to clients, partners, and colleagues sets us apart. We stay attentive, continually learn, and elevate our work to nurture strong relationships.


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We thrive amidst challenges, rejecting complacency in favor of innovation, and relentlessly pursuing our goals.


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Our ambition transforms the IT landscape. Together, we create a lasting, positive impact and eagerly grow alongside our clients.


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Autonomy fuels creativity, responsibility, trust, and transparency, enabling every team member to contribute effectively to our projects.


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Our Values

Valdas Šimas

Valdas Šimas_CEO_Reiz Tech


Valdas, our CEO, brings over 20 years of IT experience to Reiz Tech. He oversees transformation, business development, and client management.

Monika Kvietkienė

Monika Kvietkienė_COO_Reiz Tech


Monika, a certified Manager with expertise in ITIL, Scrum (CSM), PMP, and Project Management, leads projects, teams, and automates processes.

Veronika Brašiškė

Veronika Brašiškė_Key account manager_Reiz Tech


Veronika, a certified IT professional with a decade of success, values honesty, transparency, data-driven decisions, loyalty, and unwavering dedication to common goals.

Karolina Petraitienė

Karolina Petyraitienė_Key account manager_Reiz Tech


Karolina, an experienced Key Account Manager, excels in managing diverse customer groups and crafting unique strategies across various sectors.

Julija Šurnienė

Julija Šurnienė_Key account manager_Reiz Tech


Julija is a skilled Key Account Manager, known for successfully managing the Big Data Platform Project. She is now responsible for managing key accounts for the company.

Monika Česnauskaitė


Monika, with 14+ years in IT, specializes in management, team building, and capability development. Her expertise spans IT Service Management, Software Development, and Service Delivery, making her an improvement-focused leader.

Meet Our Executives
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