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Who we are.

Reiz Tech is an IT service-based company that unlocks the full potential of companies. We pride ourselves for bringing more value to all stakeholders by applying digital technologies and new ways of working to all aspects of business. 

In a five-year time scale, our goal is to become one of the biggest independent IT system integrators in Baltic States and expand our activities around the world. We respect our clients and their trust in us is important because only in this relationship do we learn from each other, grow, and encourage others to grow. Our goal is to be the most reliable partner! 

Reiz employees in a meeting

Flat organization

A flat organizational structure allows smooth and efficient internal communication. With a flat structure, our company can rapidly respond to change and reduce time spent on ineffective communication.  


Our employees are given a higher degree of ownership towards their work and enjoy little to no supervision. Ownership in the workplace means giving employees the freedom to work in a way that suits them. By taking ownership at work, employees get to decide how and when their work should be done. 

More than an IT company 

We see ourselves as the agents of business growth and change. We believe that the work that we do helps make the business world a better place. Through the development of power apps as well as our other services, we are creating a space where your business can work more efficiently and more effectively. 

Reiz Tech leaders
Reiz Tech employees at a table

Data-driven culture vision

We believe that being data-driven is crucial to business success. We prioritize data and reporting.  We base important decisions on data. We also look at data from different standpoints to draw valuable and quality insights.   

With many streams of data being implemented, we are now able to evaluate design decisions, improve user experience, track website usage, understand user behavior & preferences, develop new products & services, and much more.  

Our values


We want people to feel included in the ongoing processes of our work, to celebrate when things go right, and listen to each other when times get tough. We also give feedback to others and accept feedback about our work. 


We aim to represent equity, sustainability, and representation, where the experiences of our fellow humans are taken into consideration. We are also responsible for ourselves, our teams, and our collective results.  


On a daily basis we demonstrate devotion to our clients, partners, contemporaries, and colleagues. Being attentive to the issues we face, we seek to never stop learning and improving the quality of our work. These are the building blocks to the relationships we uphold.  


We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve amid great challenges. We aim to never settle for less, to innovate when old solutions are not valid anymore, and approach every task with goal-oriented effort.  


We visualize how the world of IT can change with the work we do. Through combined effort we aim to create a positive and long lasting impact. With this in mind, we are excited to develop and grow together with our clients.  


Autonomy shapes our work environment in ways that allow us to be creative, act independently and accept responsibility. It fosters the feeling of trust and transparency, so that every single person involved in our projects can contribute in the best way they know. 

Reiz Tech leadership team

Meet our executives

Reiz Tech CEO Valdas

Valdas Šimas

  • LinkedIn


The CEO of Reiz Tech. Valdas is our leader and the mastermind of Reiz. Experienced in the field of IT, he is the man who keeps us accountable and makes sure our organization moves in the right direction. 

Julija profile image

Julia Šurnienė

  • LinkedIn


An experienced  Compliance Project Manager, she is the Project Manager for our Big Data Platform Project and has now evolved into a Key Account Manager. 

Reiz Tech KAM Kristina

Kristina Kikalienė

  • LinkedIn


An experienced Key Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Kristina is a strong program and project management professional that specializes in Strategic Human Resource Planning, IT Management, and Personnel Selection. 

Reiz Tech KAM Veronika

Veronika Brašiškė

  • LinkedIn


A certified professional that has successfully worked in IT for more than 10 years. She believes in honesty, transparency, argument-based decisions, loyalty and full dedication to the common aim.

Reiz Tech COO Giedrius

Giedrius Gustas

  • LinkedIn

Key Account Manager

A Key Account Manager with a proven success record in setting up and managing projects  for companies in Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden. He manages business optimization, service transition and transformation planning, design and implementation activities to adapt to changing business needs. 

Reiz Tech KAM Karolina

Karolina Petraitienė

  • LinkedIn


An experienced Key Account Manager within the financial, retail, manufacturing, tourism, and public sectors. Karolina is an expert in managing important customer groups and creates unique specialized strategies for these accounts.

MicrosoftTeams-image (20).png

Monika Kvietkienė

  • LinkedIn


An experienced Manager with certifications in ITIL Foundation, Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), and Associate and Essential Project Management. Monika is responsible for several projects, directing development teams and implementing automation of processes. 

Global talents

Reiz Tech is a global and diverse group of people who are working from various countries around the world.  

Talent map

Diverse teams

Reiz Tech features a talent pool of over 300 people that are located across 18 different countries. We believe that by having a broad hiring policy, we are bringing in different perspectives, cultures, as well as a balance of personalities to help us innovate, engage, and execute new ideas. Equipped with talents that are agile, adaptable and with an array of skills, we have created a diverse workplace that is always ready to learn and adapt to the evolution of technology. Using English as our company language for all meetings, we make sure communication is always clear. 

A culture built on respect

Reizers come from all over the globe and with that we are a place where many cultures come together to make great things happen. Part of making our company function well is the respect that we have for one another, and to that we make sure that everyone in our company is treated with respect and value. No opinion ever pushed aside because we believe that by having different perspectives and work styles, we will reach our goals and beyond. 

Non provision days icon

Non provision days

As our people come from all over the world, we understand that everyone has different sets of national holidays. At Reiz Tec, we respect this and allow our people to observe their own individual national holidays.  

Transparent hours icon

Flexible hours

At Reiz Tech, we believe in flexible work culture, and we also believe in creating the right environment for our Reizers to be their most productive self. As all of us come from all over the globe and have different time zones, we implement a flexible work hours policy where if you finish your assigned tasks, you are free to work anywhere and anytime. 

Change speaks volume in Reiz Tech

The key to change is to embrace the unknown and go for it!
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