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We are more than an IT company.

Unlocking the future with technology.

We are the next best thing for the digital world

At Reiz Tech, we work with our clients by transporting together industry expertise, tech knowledge and a culture of innovation to unlock our future through Learning, Trust and Thrive. We work together across the world to make an ecosphere of transformation. 

Our aim is to connect the prospective of our products and services at the greatest pace, fast-tracking the pathway to success in all directions for our clients. 

We are global

We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Lithuania, with a long and successful track record of delivering technology-based service-oriented solutions

and outsourcing capabilities. 

We are prepared, adaptable
and responsible

As a resilient organization, if we see opportunities to boost our resilience by strengthening on any of these attributes, we always aim to get the right insights to continue with our culture, our way of work and a company built to stand time. 


Accelerate decisions

With a resilience playbook, we aim to enable faster decision making  in all processes for effective execution. 

Flat structure icon

Flat organization structure

Low leadership levels, decentralized for better communication, decision making, and flexibility.

Globe icon

Geographically balanced

We are active in 19 countries worldwide and are all working remotely.

Band of leaders icon

Band of leaders

We have leaders that can guide you in areas of function, business, project, back office (compliance) and leadership!

Process icon

Resilient processes

Analytics covering 100% of organization metrics, stress-testing, data-driven decision making and agile driven, cross-functional setup.


Resilient in interventions

We weave cyber resilience into the fabric of Reiz Tech.

Keylock icon

Unlock balance sheet

Financial flexibility, 2/3 of revenue from global projects.

Internet icon

Sharp digital discipline

Virtual workspace, Cloud-based internal systems 100% analytic coverage.

Cycle interventions icon

Through-cycle interventions

Flexible people relocation in any stage of the project and adaptive culture for virtual operational changes.


Reiz Tech has strongly supported our operations by offering access to a wide pool of specialized staff. We appreciate the professional cooperation with Reiz Tech, because it quickly locates suitable employees who are both well-qualified and have good English skills, as well as often also good German skills. 

Michael Wohlfahrt image

Michael Wohlfahrt
Nearshoring Manager, Consist Software Solutions

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Providing solutions and the right choice since 2006

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