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Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services_Reiz Tech

Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services

Core of the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Apps – Low Code Development

Power Apps is a suite providing a rapid development environment to create custom applications tailored for your business needs.

Power Apps Cloud

Publish apps to people in your organization so they can access anywhere.

Your Data

Power Apps connect to a range of data sources and systems, including custom APIs.

Use on Web and Mobile

Find the use apps instantly on the web and in Power Apps mobile for iOS and Android.

Create in Power Apps Studio

Build apps in a visual experience that shows exactly what you'll get.

Microsoft Power Automate – Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and scale effortlessly to meet demand.

Automatically Process Transactions

Manipulate Data

Trigger Responses

Communicate with Other Systems

Optimize Your Workflow, Maximize Your Results


Consistency And Accuracy


Ease Of Scaling And Adoption


Better Management of Repeatable Tasks


Reduced Error Rate


Standardization Of Process Workflows


Reaction Time Reduced To A Minimum


High Productivity And Quality


Minimal Upfront Investment For Poc


Cost Reduction and Fast ROI


Limited Disruption To The Systems


24/7 Availability



Strategic Advantages

Business Value

Features for Increasing Efficiency

Power Automate

  • Alerts/Notification

  • Sync Management

  • Tasks Automation

  • Integration templates

  • Mobile Support

  • UI Flow Connectors

  • AI Builder Integration

Power Apps

  • App Constructor

  • Process Automation

  • Customized pages 

  • AI Builder

  • Testing and Debugging tool

  • Embedded Power BI

  • Converged Mobile App

Power Apps Development Cycle

Strategic planning and initial setup challenges licensing, infrastructure, and security can pose challenges.

We tailor the process to your business needs:

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Design and Estimation

  • Development

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Deployment

  • Documentation and Training

  • Accident Maintenance and Management

Minimize future risks, ensuring smooth operation with minimal downtime or disruptions.

Development cycle_Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services_Reiz Tech
Use Cases
  • No expense approval application leads to significant business challenges.

  • Email dependence for expenses results in poor visibility and workflow tracking.

  • Difficulty in monitoring and identifying bottlenecks in expense approval without a dedicated app.


  • Power App enables expense submission with metadata, document attachment, and real-time approval tracking.

  • Power Automate automates expense approval workflows, efficiently directing them to relevant stakeholders.

  • Integration with Outlook and comprehensive tracking features ensure policy adherence and provide detailed reports.


  • Enhanced efficiency, transparency, and user satisfaction in expense approval with the new solution.

  • Automated workflow reduces manual work, saving time and costs, and easily adapts to business changes.

  • Provides historical data and insights for informed decision-making and financial planning.


Use cases_Healthcare industry_Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services_Reiz Tech

Healthcare Industry: Expense Approval Automation

  • The client struggles with managing banking documentation effectively due to no centralized repository and insufficient integration with core banking systems.

  • Inefficient approval processes, heavily reliant on email, lead to extended processing times.

  • Challenges in maintaining collaboration and version control are evident due to the current system.


  • Power App solution facilitates document upload and compliance, with SharePoint integration for central storage.

  • Power Automate automates document approval workflows within Model Driven Application.

  • Power Platform connectors ensure integration and data consistency with banking core systems.


  • SharePoint and Power Apps integration established a secure, centralized documentation system.

  • Automated workflows in Power App significantly expedited document approvals and tracking.

  • Enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and agility in bank operations achieved through improved document management.


Use cases_Banking industry_Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services_Reiz Tech

Banking Industry: Documentation Management

  • Addressing issues like time-intensive data collection, error-prone processing, and reliance on specific individuals which cause bottlenecks.

  • Solving format inconsistencies that affect stakeholder comprehension and lead to increased labor costs and higher error risks.

  • Focusing on the critical need for an automated solution to boost efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness in the report generation process.


  • Consolidated diverse data into a single database for real-time access.

  • Enforced consistent formats, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency.

  • Included audit trails and error reporting, with automated PDF report generation and distribution.


  • Automates tasks for real-time data access and standardized reporting, enhancing information quality.

  • Reduces manual effort and increases compliance with audit trails, saving time with automated report generation.

  • Boosts data quality and adaptability, leading to better decisions, accuracy, and overall organizational effectiveness.


Use cases_Insurance industry_Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services_Reiz Tech

Insurance Industry: Automated Management Reporting

  • Challenges in optimizing inventory management, leading to reduced efficiency and higher costs.

  • Lack of a centralized inventory system and real-time tracking hampers effective order management.

  • Reliance on email for approvals causes delays and disrupts collaboration and order management.


  • Enabled direct inventory item addition with metadata for easy searchability and compliance.

  • Established a secure, centralized inventory repository with real-time tracking across warehouses.

  • Used Power Automate and notifications to streamline order approvals based on roles and procedures in MDA.


  • SharePoint integration via Power Apps connectors created a secure, centralized inventory repository, improving data access.

  • Centralized repository ensured uniform data across warehouses, enhancing accuracy, and reducing discrepancies.

  • Automation of approval workflows significantly cut down approval times, improving efficiency and control over approvals.


Use cases_Automotive industry_Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Services_Reiz Tech

Automotive Industry: Inventory Management System

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