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Pioneering Shared Value in the IT Service Industry through Sustainable Practices

In Holacratic organizations, sustainability and shared value are deeply ingrained in the culture through transparency, distributed authority, and continuous improvement. Transparency involves openly sharing information and fostering collaboration, while distributed authority empowers employees to shape sustainability strategies. Through continuous improvement, we drive ongoing enhancements and innovation. By embracing Holacracy, we actively contribute to sustainability and shared value, inspiring positive environmental and social impact for a sustainable future.

In this article, we will explore Reiz Tech's sustainability practices and share invaluable insights from our COO, Monika Kvietkienė, who sheds light on our shared value approach.

Public Free Academies: Empowering Through Knowledge

One of the cornerstones of our shared value approach is the establishment of public free academies. These academies provide comprehensive training and certification programs for aspiring programmers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, scrum masters, and more.

"We, at Reiz, have always aimed to be ahead and innovative in our business model, internal practices, and culture. To thrive in the vast IT community, it's important to think and act with a wide perspective, even if the results are seen much later. Constant learning by doing is one of our success secrets. Sharing our best practices outside the organization means educating current or aspiring IT specialists. Learning from those who have succeeded through their own efforts is valuable because it offers real day-to-day experience rather than just theory-based education. Through Reiz Academies, we provide shortcuts for IT specialists, especially those transitioning from other areas to IT," says Monika Kvietkienė.

Opening Doors with Paid Internship Programs

We recognize the importance of supporting students and individuals seeking to re-qualify in the ever-evolving IT industry. To bridge the gap between academia and professional work, we offer paid internship programs.

Monika highlights that "An internship is not a one-way engagement. Both the intern and we benefit here. From our side, we are also preparing for the inclusion of interns in our activities and culture. In this process, we evaluate our own knowledge and the effectiveness of our teaching methods, leading to improvement. It is also a valuable exercise for our teams to accept and include new and diverse team members. That's why these benefits should be shared between the two parties. It's fair."

Partnering with Coding Schools and Universities

In our pursuit of shared value, collaboration plays a pivotal role. We actively engage with coding schools and universities to promote knowledge exchange and drive innovation. Monika strongly believes that "if you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together."

"Regarding universities, it is a trio of students, business, and science. As representatives of the IT business, we participate in student/university events (like Technorama), share our ideas, listen to students' ideas, support them, and advise universities on study content. This trio creates a space for experimentation and the birth of innovation because that's where the exchange takes place.

Regarding coding schools, we have noticed that the people there are already highly motivated. Usually, they have work experience in different areas, and they are focused on changing their career path and learning new things. We highly value this as it promotes continuous learning. Additionally, we emphasize that professional knowledge is not the only important aspect," adds Monika.

Zero E-Waste, Maximum Impact

At Reiz Tech, we recognize the environmental impact of electronic waste. To combat this issue, we have implemented a zero-e-waste policy. Whenever possible, we repair and refurbish our used equipment, particularly computers, instead of disposing of them.

"Over the past five years, our actions have focused on building a resilient business model. Sustainability has always been a part of this journey. The idea to donate used but still functional computers to the Red Cross originated long ago as a shared value component of the external education and re-qualification programs we organize. The perception of sustainability aligns with our consciousness. Reizers are conscious individuals, and we don't need specific motives to do the right things," highlights KAM Monika.

A Global Perspective: Diversity, Remote Work, and Fortune 500 Collaboration

Reiz Tech operates globally, leveraging the expertise of over 300+ professionals from 26 different countries. Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our talent pyramid, which maintains a balanced distribution of seniority at 50%. This approach promotes inclusivity and fosters the exchange of unique perspectives and ideas. Furthermore, our remote work model minimizes our carbon footprint and utilizes technology to connect with clients and teams worldwide.

In our pursuit of shared value, we have the privilege of collaborating with Fortune 500 companies. Through these partnerships, we align our sustainability efforts with industry leaders, driving meaningful change on a larger scale. By combining our expertise and resources, we contribute to the sustainable development of our clients' businesses while upholding our shared value principles.


Reiz Tech's commitment to shared value and sustainability sets us apart in the IT service industry. Through initiatives that empower individuals, nurture talent, foster collaboration, and minimize e-waste, we strive to create economic value while generating positive social and environmental impacts. Together with our global talents, clients, and partners, we are proud to lead the way towards a more inclusive and sustainable IT service industry.


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